Cassette Tape & Vinyl Record Conversion

Do you still have all those old records from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's lying around? What about the mix tapes you made in the 80's? Don't you wish you could listen to them once again? Well, now you can!

Using the very latest in technology, FireStation Duplication can take your treasured collection and transfer them onto CD, complete with the original cover art. We also include a bonus disk with your music in an MP3 format ready to load on your iPod or other digital music player.

Pops, scratches, clicks; some love them, some hate them. With our digital mastering process you can choose to keep the authentic sound or we can remove them to closely resemble the CDs that can be purchased today.

Call us now to see how those classics can be enjoyed once again! Discount packages are available on orders of 10 or more items!